We present the Warranty Terms and Conditions for Suitcases, Crossbody Bags, which aims to inform the customer about the warranty rules for products sold by Kameleon Bags.

Kameleon Bags offers a one-year warranty against manufacturing defects. The term is counted from the date of acquisition, identified by the sales tax document.

If a manufacturing defect is proven, Kameleon Bags will repair the product or exchange it for a product of the same or similar model, upon return of the damaged product by the customer, with the customer being aware that in the event of an exchange, the returned part becomes the exclusive property of Kameleon Bags.

If there is a need to exchange the product, and if the product of the same model is no longer available, Kameleon Bags will present the Customer with available model options that are similar.

The repaired or replaced product will enjoy the same period as the initial warranty, counting from the date of purchase of the product identified in the sales tax document.

After satisfactory completion of the repair or exchange of the product, the customer is completely released from obligation and has no further claim from Kameleon Bags in relation to the product.



The Warranty covers manufacturing defects in the seams, zippers and accessories that make up the product, such as:

Fraying fabrics, threads and seams, unstitched parts and loose or broken stitches; Poorly pressed or missing eyelets and rivets; Unstitching straps, loose or missing sliders and tabs, locking zippers, trip-roll (trolley or retractable handle) and support feet. All without signs of use.

The warranty does not cover common wear and tear over time or damage caused by misuse or airline damage.



The following are not considered manufacturing defects:

Dents, scratches and breaks in rigid suitcases, caused by impact, knocks and overload of weight or volume. Structure or components scratched, dented or broken; Damage due to the use of chemical cleaning products; Damage caused by natural agents (flood, sea air, discharge electrical, rain, snow and others); Damage caused by excessive exposure to humidity, heat or steam; Defects caused by adaptations or customizations of the product; Dirt stains; Parts that naturally wear out with regular use, especially wheels; Loss of personal objects stored in the product; Signs of break-in, friction, fire or drenching by liquid, oily or gelatinous product; Locking of wheels due to lack of hygiene; Torn, cut or perforated fabrics; Violation of padlock due to loss of password; Zipper damaged by effort;

Recommended to the Customer, in cases of travel, to analyze your product when boarding and disembarking, so that if any damage is identified, the Customer complains immediately to the company responsible for transport.